The Bill Fairbrother Good Samaritan Fund


The Good Samaritan Fund was established by Christian Counseling Centers (CCC) to provide therapeutic services to those who have very limited financial resources and significant needs for treatment.

Christian Counseling Centers is committed to serve all who seek help:

  • Regardless of age
  • Regardless of race
  • Regardless of sex
  • Regardless of religion
  • Regardless of ethnicity

It is the goal of CCC that all can be served regardless of financial resources. The Good Samaritan Fund can make this goal a reality.


Client eligibility for the Good Samaritan is based upon confidential review of both the client’s symptoms as assessed by the potential treating therapist, and verifiable financial need as determined by the center director and therapist.

If the initial criteria are met, then 10 sessions of therapy are approved. If additional sessions are needed, the treating therapist can request up to an additional 10 sessions. The center director will review the case and make a determination regarding the necessity of additional treatment. A maximum of 20 sessions can be approved.


As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, CCC can accept tax deductible donations to the Good Samaritan Fund. All donated funds are monitored by the CCC Board of Directors and are administered by the directors of each center. Donate Now via PayPal button below or send your donation to:

CCC San Mateo Office
Bridgepointe Office Park
1510 Fashion Island Blvd., Ste. 110, San Mateo, CA 94404