What is Christian counseling?

Christian counseling combines the knowledge and understanding of human behavior from reliable scientific research, and the wisdom and insight from the Christian scriptures.

Christian counseling is provided by therapists who are Christian, who affirm and embrace the divinity of Jesus, and the fulfillment of His mission to provide salvation to all who follow Him.

Are services provided to people who are not Christian?

Yes, we provide services to all people. We deeply respect the diversity of belief systems that people affirm. For those who do not follow the Christian faith, the explicitly Christian approach to counseling would not be included in the course of treatment.

What can I expect in counseling?

The purpose of the initial counseling session is for the therapist to develop a clear understanding of the clients counseling needs.

The therapist asks questions related to the clients present situation, and relevant experiences from their past.

A treatment plan is formulated in collaboration with the client, and specific treatment interventions are suggested to help the client achieve their goals.

The main phase of treatment can include processing feelings, examining belief systems and thinking patterns, engaging in therapeutic exercises, strengthening positive behaviors, and weakening negative ones.

The therapist’s role is to provide a safe environment in which the client can openly disclose their deepest feelings, and examine their most significant experiences.

If there is a commitment to growth and change, then there can be healing, recovery, reconciliation, and the development of healthier ways of living.

Is everything that is disclosed in counseling confidential?

Most everything discussed in counseling is confidential, however, there are a limited number of situations that therapists are legally required to report.

  1. Any form of child abuse or neglect.
  2. Any form of elder abuse or neglect.
  3. Any serious threat to harm someone else.
  4. Steps must be taken to prevent a client from committing suicide.
  5. If the U.S. Government suspects that a client is a terrorist and demands their clinical file, then the therapist must comply.

All other disclosures and clinical information are completely confidential.

The client holds the privilege, and must provide written permission for this information to be released by the therapist.

How long is a typical counseling session?

Most sessions are 50 minutes in length.

What is the cost of a counseling session?

The range of fees for our licensed therapists is from $150 per session to $300 per session.

The range of fees for our associates is from $80 per session to $150 per session.

The range of fees for our trainees is from $40 per session to $80 per session.

Will my medical insurance help cover the cost of counseling?

Yes, if you are seeing a licensed therapist, and they are either (1) in the network of providers your plan allows you to see, or (2) you are allowed to see someone out of network.

Most insurance plans do not provide coverage if you are working with a pastoral counselor,  intern or trainee.

What is a licensed therapist, an associate, and a trainee?

All licensed therapists have completed their graduate or professional degrees, their required number of supervised clinical hours, and they have successfully completed the required exams by the California State Boards that govern their profession.

Associates have completed their graduate or professional degrees, and they are completing the clinical training hours required by the licensing board. All of their clinical work is supervised by licensed therapists, who have been licensed for at least two years.

Trainees have completed at least one year of their graduate or professional program, and are completing the required number of clinical hours needed to complete their degree. All of their clinical work is supervised by licensed therapists, who have been licensed for at least two years.

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