Kathryn “Katie” Wampler, M.A.
Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist
AMFT 115515
Supervised by Lisa Neves, MSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
LCSW 19725
(408) 508-6241


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    M.A. Counseling Psychology, Santa Clara University
    B.A. Music, Biola University

    California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)
    Level 4 Group Triple P: Positive Parenting Program (Accredited Provider)


    Grief & Loss
    Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health (Ages 0-5)
    Life Stages and Transitions
    Perinatal Mental Health

    Therapy is an opportunity for you to experience grace in a way that allows you to explore your past and present, to engage with whatever issues you may be currently facing, to take ownership of your future choices, and to understand your reality in meaningful ways for the purpose of growing and flourishing. The beauty of therapy is that you do not have to do this alone, because therapy is a collaborative process. My goal for this process is to create a safe space where our therapeutic relationship can develop authentically, where you will experience freedom to explore and process your story while moving toward a deeper sense of self-awareness, meaning, and renewal. I would consider it a privilege to come alongside you and join you in your journey of exploration, growth, and healing.

    I have worked with clients ranging from less than a year old to clients who are in their 80s. Whether I’m working with adults or with children, my therapeutic style is process-oriented, meaning that I focus on what comes up during the session, which is often determined by what you-the-client bring into the room. I like to incorporate creative mediums such as art, when appropriate and when there is interest, to help you access parts of yourself that may not be as easily expressed through spoken word. I believe that healing happens when you have the opportunity to tell your story in a safe, caring space. As a Christian therapist, I conceptualize mental health from a faith-based perspective and am open to incorporating this perspective into treatment, if requested by the client.

    I completed my practicum (my student training) at Christian Counseling Center, where I worked mostly with adults. After completing my master’s in Counseling Psychology at Santa Clara University, I provided school-based therapeutic services to elementary school students. I went on to work in community mental health providing therapeutic support to children ages 0–5 and their caregivers, before returning to Christian Counseling Center. I have a special interest in supporting infant and early childhood mental health, as well as maternal mental health. Please reach out to me if you are interested in finding out more about what therapy looks like for children under the age of 5—I would love to answer your questions!